How Can Landlords Protect Themselves From Tenant Grievances

Recent government and local council crackdowns have ensured that the days of landlords being able to get away with leaving their tenants in sub-standard properties are largely a thing of the past.

MThis means that landlords must ensure that the basic of necessities are met before a property is tenanted. This can range from running water, home heating working to even access for disabled or elderly tenants.

As tenants are now protected by a raft of rules and regulations, which are geared towards ensuring fair play on both sides. These rights apply to all tenants, regardless of whether they are mentioned in the tenancy agreement  signed at the beginning of the tenancy.

But simply being aware of the rules isn’t enough – landlords must be prepared to act on them. For this reason, purchasing adequate landlord insurance could be a good move, as it can cover landlords in the event of problems with plumbing, electrical wiring, roof damage and more. Having a financial safety net in place could offer encouragement to get things sorted sooner rather than later.

Under tenant’s rights, landlords must:

  • Allow tenants to live undisturbed in the property
  • Keep the property in a good state of repair at all times
  • Allow tenants to access details of their tenancy agreement at all times
  • Ensure tenants are protected from eviction.


Deposits are also central to tenant’s rights – so it’s really important to be aware of the rules regarding their management. Once a landlord has taken a deposit from a tenant, under strict rules it must be protected by a government-approved tenancy deposit scheme. This needs to happen no more than 14 days after the deposit was taken and the tenant needs to be informed of what has happened to their money. Failing to comply with this legislation can have serious consequences. Not only can the tenant be entitled to a full refund of their deposit, but landlords may also be forced to hand over three times the amount on top.  

Could Landlord Insurance Help?

No law-abiding, decent landlord would ever neglect their responsibilities deliberately. But financial and time pressures can leave even the most conscientious landlord in danger of being in breach of housing codes. For this reason, getting cheap landlords insurance could be a smart move, as it can reduce the cost of getting those repairs that can crop up from time to time sorted out. The insurance can be created to suit the individual, with some covering boiler repairs and checks and others incorporating plumbing, drainage, wiring and roofs.  Above all else, it could save you money, help keep you on the right side of housing rules and maintain your reputation as a good landlord – so why not compare landlord insurance today?


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