Getting To Grips With Home Insurance

Everyone has to spend a little time each year thinking about how to renew their home insurance policy and wondering which insurer to choose. Your decision could become a little simpler once you understand what the possible differences between one policy and another could be.

Your home insurance usually divides into two categories. First, there is the buildings insurance. This means the structure of your home, from its foundations to the chimney tops and everything in between, is protected by your policy. The second part is usually referred to as the contents insurance, covering all your personal possessions, including household appliances, electronic goods, kitchen fittings and musical instruments. (Note that items of particular value will need to be named specifically on the policy.)

  One important point to check is the area that is covered by your home insurance policy. It is not always the case that your entire property, including the garden, garage, greenhouse or toolshed, will be covered automatically by your home insurance provider. Some companies offer separate garden insurance policies, others include it as standard, others will add it for a fee. Take an estimate at the value of your garden’s contents and weigh up the importance of insuring this part of your property.

One of the biggest differences between insurance policies tends to be the price. The best way to compare the best of what’s available is by conducting some thorough online research. Starting with a handy price comparison tool could be useful, but bear in mind that it will not search all the available companies, particularly now that home insurance is available from such a vast array of sources, from supermarkets, to online only insurers, to banks and building societies such as Santander.

If you want to be sure that you’re getting quality as well as value, it is crucial to spend some time reading the small print. It might not be fun, but it will ensure that you understand the inner workings of your policy and that your home and its contents is well protected.

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